Welcome to our 2024 Bull Sale

It is indeed a real pleasure to welcome you to our bull sale. Each and everyone of you in the cattle business takes great pride and satisfaction in setting out to accomplish the task of producing top quality beef.

Whether it is through a pasture to plate, a backgrounding operation or a feed yard operation, the cowherd still remains the back bone to our industry. With out the cowherd, the rest of the industry partners won’t survive.

Our goal has always been to produce and serve the cattle industry by selecting and breeding the best genetics in a very discipline approach. Based on the essential traits like fertility and structure, a balanced approach towards carcass, fleshing ability and temperament drives our selection process as well.

Our offering is compiled of four main sire groups. Your selection of many half and three quarter brothers is the consistency and predictability we strive for to produce. Extra aged bulls are our program, bulls ready to service a great number of cows in their first year and breeding life.

We are committed to our industry to supply only the best product we can, as well as the best service to our customers. It’s very gratifying to receive the feed back on how well the bulls have performed in their new environment. Our warranty on our bulls we feel is second to none and maybe one of the only sales you can go to buy where there is no sale credits in the stands. This is the approach we have taken, to settle things prior to the sale. Buy with confidence.

We certainly appreciate your evaluation of our bulls here at the ranch in Pincher Creek and prior to the sale, Wednesday February 7-8 in Fort Macleod, AB.

Please be our guests for some hospitality immediately following the sale. I’ve always used the quote that “if it wasn’t for brandings or bull sales, nobody would run cows, so let’s have a bull sale! ”

Stacey Stauffer